Adapt and Thrive: Interviewing Britain’s Small Business Heroes. Meet Jérôme Brustlein

How PayPal supported bespoke jewellery company Fenton to deliver a world class shopping experience for their clientele.

During our Adapt and Thrive series, we have interviewed some of Britain’s brightest independent businesses to hear how they’ve adapted and thrived through lockdown and beyond. This week we met Jérôme Brustlein, Chief Operating Officer of Fenton.

Hi Jérôme, can you tell us a bit about your business?

Fenton was founded by Laura Lambert in 2018, with a mission to bring joy, accessibility and accountability into the jewellery industry. Through our bespoke, personal concierge experience, we create high quality modern heirlooms that will stand the test of time. 

What makes Fenton unique?

For me, what makes Fenton stand out is the fact that we oversee the whole supply chain ourselves and only source stones from world leaders in ethical mining. We also visit and inspect every workshop or atelier we use in person.

How has business been for Fenton since the pandemic hit?

As a digitally native brand with a laser focus on technology, our site allows customers to seamlessly navigate and create from over 6,000 unique ring designs. We were lucky enough that during a time when many companies have been forced to furlough employees, Fenton has been able to flourish. Thanks to the PayPal integration we are proud to announce that we have more than tripled our sales in 2020!

Why did Fenton decide to turn to PayPal as a payments platform?

As a modern, consumer-centric company, we needed an equally innovative, customer focused payments partner to help the brand flourish on a global stage.

We turned to PayPal for a globally established, secure, and trusted payments platform. Our interest in adding PayPal to our site was threefold: security, expedited cash flow and cross border payment capabilities. With the integration of PayPal, we attained a customized checkout to help deliver a world class shopping experience for our clientele.

What benefits have you seen since turning to PayPal?

After integrating PayPal on our website, we saw a five-time increase in total sales, and more than 15% of customers began using PayPal to checkout. In fact, PayPal was used to complete the most expensive custom ring order to date from Fenton.

With PayPal’s Buyer Protection, customers can shop confidently knowing that these valuable purchases may be protected. Our customers appreciate having choice when it comes to the payment methods, while also knowing that their purchases are secure.

Similarly, our suppliers appreciate quick, reliable payouts that help encourage an efficient supply chain. PayPal also helps streamline payments and reporting for Fenton so we can focus on bringing joy to our valued customers.

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