Big Issue vendors to be among first in UK to use new Tap to Pay with Zettle by PayPal

06 May 2022

PayPal’s Gen Z Financial Wellness Study explores the money challenges young adults face and how they are planning for their financial futures.

18 May 2022

Social Impact

Learn how you can help tackle climate change by reducing your carbon footprint, supporting impacted communities, and using your voice.
22 Apr 2022

Chasing success often comes at a price and for many small business owners, the cost is a lack of sleep. However, investing in a good night’s rest could be exactly what you need to succeed.

21 Apr 2022
Designer Bibi Ahmed shares how her culture and upbringing influence her stunning accessories, and how she supports the women crafters in Kenya she works with.

PayPalResearch and Insights

24 Mar 2022
To mark Women’s History Month and ahead of this year’s summer tournament, we spoke with three of England’s Lionesses. The players reflect on their careers, challenges as well as their proudest accomplishments.

CorporateSocial Innovation

08 Mar 2022

PayPal Ventures invests in Modulr

18 May 2022

The new function enables individual sellers and small businesses to accept contactless payments in-person, directly on their Android devices with no additional hardware or fees for this feature.

05 May 2022
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