Supporting vulnerable people through the cost of living crisis

The current cost of living crisis is having a big impact not only on households but also on charities working to support vulnerable people. The crisis is now plunging millions of households into hardship, with the worst fall in living standards since the 1950s in the UK. 

Increasing numbers of people will be unable to meet their basic living needs such as adequate heating for the home, appropriate clothing or adequate nutrition which will likely lead to increasing ill health.  Poverty rates are predicted to rise resulting in the overall absolute poverty rate increasing in the UK from 17% in 2021-22 to 22% in 2023-24.  Child poverty is projected to increase by 45% in 2023 – 2024. This will mean that 14 million people would be in poverty in the UK with 1.3 million of these being children1.    

Demand for support from charities in communities is now spiralling upwards and there is a genuine concern for those communities that are dependent on them for care and support2. Charities are worried they will be able to keep providing their services and 35% believe their organisation will struggle to survive the crisis3

PayPal Giving Fund is working with three charities; FareShare, GlobalGiving UK and Independent Food Aid Network to help them continue to support those who need them the most.

  • FareShare is the UK’s largest charity fighting food waste and hunger and works across the food industry to help deliver good-to-eat, nutritious surplus food to 9,500 charities across the UK. 
  • GlobalGiving UK is helping communities in the UK hit hardest by the worsening cost of living crisis, with donations supporting the wellbeing of children and vulnerable adults.  
  • Independent Food Aid Network UK’s support a range of independent food aid providers and advocate on their behalf at a national level. Their vision is of a country without the need for charitable food aid.   

Donate now to help them continue their important work on the ground. No one should have to choose between eating and heating.  

1 Source: Resolution Foundation Living Standards Outlook September 2022  
2 Source: The Road Ahead, NCVO 2022 
 3Source: Charities Aid Foundation 2022

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