Shopping for your dream interview with PayPal and Missguided

Your hard work has paid off and you’ve landed an interview for the job of your dreams – congratulations! Now, what to wear?

The forward-thinking online fashion house Missguided has teamed up with PayPal to offer some top tips on how to shop for your big interview and make the best first impression – all while keeping an eye on your wallet.  

Whether the interview is via video-call or in person, nailing your outfit could be key to feeling and performing your best on the big day. With PayPal, checking out is a breeze, meaning the only thing left to focus on is getting your interview prep underway.


Be Yourself

Whilst you want to impress in your interview, being true to yourself is key.

Remember, you’ve made it this far because of you – so show your employer who you are with your outfit choice. This is particularly the case for video-call interviews; showing off your personality, quirks and normal mannerisms over a screen can be a little more difficult than usual. Let your outfit do some of the talking!  

If you’re a known leopard print fanatic, try flicking through Missguided’s 300+ designs and incorporate this into your outfit with a stylish shirt or silky scarf.

Never seen without a headband? Shop Missguided’s huge collection to find the perfect fit for you.

Top tip: Choose only one or two ‘personality pieces’ for your outfit – avoid distracting the interviewer from your conversation.  


Stay Practical

Remember to wear something that is easy to move around in and doesn’t need constant adjusting. You shouldn’t be thinking about your outfit during your big moment.  

If you’ve been invited to the office for your interview, a cute backpack or handbag is a great option for bringing along your CV and interview essentials, while a funky phone case will keep your valuable information safe.

Top tip: Order your outfit in advance to minimise pre-interview stress.


Treat Yourself

Securing a job interview is a brilliant achievement and the perfect excuse to treat yourself.

If something has been sat on your Missguided wishlist for months and you think it could work for your interview, now could be the ideal opportunity to purchase. If you feel a million dollars, you’re far more likely to conquer the room, be that in the physical or virtual sense!

Top tip: Remember, if you change your mind, and something isn’t quite right, returns are free. If you’ve paid with PayPal, you could be eligible for Buyer Protection and will receive a refund soon after.


Comfort is Key

When considering your outfit, opt for something you feel comfortable in – even if you are dialling into a video call from home. With comfort comes confidence, a vital skill to use in an interview.

Never wear heels? Don’t bother! Missguided have a countless selection of smart pumps, loafers and boots to choose from.

Hate tight trousers? Lucky for you, wide leg trousers are in right now, and Missguided have hundreds to look through.

Top tip: Remember to try on your outfit at home on before the interview to ensure you feel ready to own it.


Pay Securely

Now you’ve selected your outfit, complete your purchase with one of the safest and most secure ways to shop online. Spending money via PayPal is backed by 24/7 fraud detection monitoring and secure encryption technology, allowing you to pay with confidence.

Getting started is easy. Simply create a PayPal account for free. All you need is an email address or mobile number. Once this is set up, you link all the payment methods you want to use to shop – such as your bank account, credit or debit card.

Already got an account but forgotten your password? No problem. You can easily reset it via text, email or phone by entering the 6-digit code provided.

Top tip: Think of PayPal as a digital version of your wallet; all the payment methods you would use in a shop, all in one place and accessible to use online.

Whatever outfit you choose, remember to be yourself. Good luck!

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