How to donate and support COVID-19 charity efforts

With the Coronavirus situation becoming a global pandemic, there is a lot to be done to prevent the spread and help those affected. Front-line medical responders in high-risk and quarantined areas need supplies to continue to provide support as the crisis unfolds. Distance learning opportunities are needed for children who can’t access school.

If you’re looking for ways to support COVID-19 relief efforts, we have launched a fundraising campaign – together with PayPal Giving Fund – to support organisations who are working on the front-line of the pandemic to prevent new infections, assist recovery and help those who need it most.

These charities include the National Emergencies Trust, British Red Cross, Unicef UK, International Rescue Committee, Alzheimer’s Society and Age UK.

You can help them make an even greater impact by donating here or in the PayPal app today. PayPal covers all processing costs, ensuring that 100% of your donation will support charities providing relief and recovery efforts. Through the PayPal Gives programme, PayPal will also match donations made by PayPal employees, according to terms of the programme.

The PayPal platform was designed to provide customers with trusted and reliable ways to manage and move their money. Over the last few weeks, we’ve also seen the PayPal community come together to support each other amidst COVID-19 with payments of goodwill and random acts of kindness. While PayPal’s peer-to-peer money transfer services were designed for payments between friends and family or for goods and services, we’re inspired by how our customers are helping one another during this time. 

If you’d like to collect money to buy groceries for high-risk populations, or to pay bills for someone struggling to make ends meet you can create a personalised PayPal.Me link.  Sharing the link will help others know it’s you they’re paying so you can easily gather and distribute funds to those in need. 

In times of uncertainty, the generosity of people like you around the world is what unites us. We cannot thank you enough for your willingness to help at this time. 

More information on giving with PayPal can be found here.

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