#OneTapBigImpact – Small Charities Competition

Today, PayPal is launching a small charities competition. We want to help small charities continue to raise funds during these difficult times.  

Charities have been under increasing pressure during the pandemic and many are facing financial difficulties which in turn has the knock-on effect of charities struggling to deliver the much-needed support to our communities across the UK and further afield. That struggle is magnified if you focus on smaller charities. The numerous lock downs and restrictions have disrupted traditional ways of fundraising.

However, where physical meet ups have declined, digital technology has come to play a vital role in society. Whether it's family and friends looking for ways to connect through video calls or a business needing to adapt to selling online. This has seen a massive growth in people of all ages turning to their laptop or phone to shop online, which we believe, can offer small charities an opportunity to raise funds.

Programmes such as “Give at Checkout” with PayPal can make the giving process easy and quick. 

Give at Checkout is a way for a consumer to support a charity they care about by adding £1 to the amount they are about to pay at the checkout. The shopper just needs to tick a box when they are about to make a payment for their purchase via PayPal. 

The charity the shopper can select can easily be set up via the PayPal Giving Fund UK or via the PayPal app in the Make an impact section and “Set as favourite charity”.

£1 might not seem a lot but these microdonations add up and can make a big impact.  On average, PayPal customers checkout with PayPal 40+ times a year* and we’ve found that donors who set a favourite charity are 4 times more likely to make a donation in Give at Checkout**.  

The Competition - #OneTapBigImpact 

With our #OneTapBigImpact campaign we want to help charities engage with their supporters and encourage donors to set their favourite charity ready for Give at Checkout. By doing so charities could be in with a chance to win a grant of up to £6,000 from PayPal Giving Fund UK*.   

How charities can get involved  

  • Follow PayPal Giving Fund UK on LinkedIn
  • Share a post on social media encouraging your supporters to set you as their favourite charity in Give at Checkout—there is a toolkit with copy and imagery charities can use to spread the message.  Download the toolkit here.   
  • At the end of the month, the charities with the most people having set them as favourite during the promotion period will get the chance to be featured on Give at Checkout for a week from June as well as receiving a cash grant from PayPal Giving Fund UK as follows:  

1st place – £6000 

2nd place – £4000 

3rd place – £2000 

  • Each Monday during the competition we’ll be sharing a leaderboard on PayPal Giving Fund UK’s LinkedIn page detailing who’s currently in the lead***.  

PayPal Giving Fund is here to help small charities continue to raise funds for their vital work in these challenging times.  

Charities must be enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund UK. For full eligibility criteria for the competition please consult the terms and conditions through this link.  The Competition ends on the 30th of April.   


*PayPal internal data, Q2 2020 results  

**PayPal internal data, August 2019- July 2020 

***Except Bank Holiday  

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